Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Clan Packed Up To Move Without Even Telling Me (self.RAOP)

Alright, let's head over to Sundermount and get Merrill her stupid demonic mirror fixing glue or whatever.
I told you keeper, homosexuality is not a choice! It's mandatory! (This is a Bioware game.)

Sensing an awkward moment, Valerie quickly reverses her "no offense, but you're not my type" position from earlier in the act.

Cool, since you offered I'm just gonna help myself to a couple beers and order Fast Five on pay-per-view.

How the fuck are you supposed to fix a broken mirror with a knife?

Haha, yeah, much like the keeper I can disapprove of everything that happens in this game, but I'm still powerless to change anything of it because this entire thing is the David Gaider idiot plot railroad.

Seriously? You've got a blank check to give her any impossible task you want to keep her from getting the blade and all you can come up with is "kill something"? Christ, you're bad at this.

Dear reddit, I moved away from my mom's house because she didn't approve of my career choices and wanted me to follow in her footsteps instead. When I went back to the house today to pick up some of my stuff, I found out that she decided to move away without telling me and had already hired movers to start packing up our stuff, then she told me that if I wanted my stuff I'd have to help them. I could really use a random act of pizza right now.

Death is a release from the suffering of a Bioware game.

Hey, crazy hunch here: maybe it was blood magic?

The party finds a bunch of elven corpses and Merrill whines about returning their necklaces to the keeper and Valerie guesses she will if she can't sell them first.

Suddenly, she hears a noise coming from behind a doorway!

Ugh, at least we'd get to kill a dragon for loot, now we have to talk to some shitlord.

Someone isn't down to glomp our gigglesquee princess?

Um, Valerie, have you seen the non-euclidian geometry of a Bioware face attempting to frown recently?

Look, seriously, you don't have to run away, Valerie's not trying to recruit you for her party.

Valerie's contemplating the best way to "catch" him: throwing knife to the spine or arrow to the back of the kneecap? (I ONCE WAS A DOG LORD LIKE YOU UNTIL I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE. THIS IS FUNNY.)

Meanwhile, Pol displays the fabled pathfinding skills of the dalish hunter by running...

Directly into a dead-end cave.

But wait, what's that behind him?

yeah, we'll be right-

hahaha FUCK THIS

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