Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bloodmages Up, Hoes Down pt.3

Okay, time to go tell Emeric that his hunch was completely wrong and he's Thedas's worst criminal investigator.
Valerie may seem to be joking, but given her history of blackouts it's actually no laughing matter.

"deer emerik, i'm drnuk as hlel. klet's get sum lyurium adn go crazy at teh bloomign roes. -luv, howck

Keep telling yourself that.

...yeah. That's definitely what it is.

Chiefly, i'm misunderstanding how a templar didn't use his magic-neutralizing abilities to stop a bloodmage from summoning a bunch of shades to kill him.

Yeah, why would a mage ever want to kill a templar?

This is what happens when you get in too close with white noise posters like "The Quake".

Hahaha, oh Emeric with his bag full of dismembered whores, just looking for attention.

Yeah. Lemme do that. Not.

Speaking of dangerous blood mages, let's check in on Merrill!
Errr, do you want an honest answer to that?

Cutting yourself, summoning demons, that's the good crazy.

Thanks again, Anders.

I'm pretty sure Sheryl Chee personally wrote this conversation.

Is it Varric? I bet it's Varric. All that chest hair...

You can make up for it by not hassling me with your stupid demonic mirror anymore, honestly.


  1. That Templar looks she she gets her mother to cut here hair.

    It looks like the first image gets partially obscured by the side tables loading on top of it.

    It's perfect. Don't change a thing.

  2. Oh god. I was beginning to forget what it felt like to feel bile rise in the back of my throat. Thanks for reminding me, Merril!

  3. Drunktext Hawke is hilarious. And I swear Merrill has become a parody of herself. You're crazy, but in a good way! It's hard to imagine someone more loveable than you! ^___^

    Fuck you.

  4. I like to imagine Valerie said that in a deeply sarcastic voice. Otherwise, it just makes me die a little inside.