Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Touching Family Reunion pt.1

Well, as long as we're in Hightown, let's check in on Fenris's house.
Fenris: "At last, my child prostitute is here!"

He's very particular about the gender of his kiddie whores. Cross dressing sissybois a must.

Aveline's not gonna check the package for you, dude.

Oh yeah, you've had your fill today Hey, sexy... Whatever will Guardsman Donnic say?

Yeah, normally dudes are a lot more excited to get their bone on.

 Mr. Water

Loghain Mac Tir was the devil
Andraste was an architect previous to her career as a prophet
All of a sudden, I found myself in love with Thedas
So there was only one thing that I could do
Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long

Going bareback inside sister and sister's magister.

I only laugh to distract from the crushing depression that overwhelms me every time I play this game.

After all, I might run into a trash mob of dog lords along the way.

Expressive facial animations accentuate the subtle torment that Fenris feels in this scene.

Goddamn, she's gonna do nothing but drink for a week straight? Sounds like Valerie's kinda girl! Comically Small Wiener

So the party heads over to the hanged man. As we pause outside, Merrill explains some of the social problems caused by her crippling autism.

While Fenris looks for his sister, Valerie surveys the bar for the most likely prospect to let her put an entire tankard of dwarven ale on his tab.

How can you tell, you're staring 90 degrees away from him.

Ahahaha "Leto" you fuckin' pussy.

What's wrong, aren't you happy to see your amnesiac murder-machine brother covered in cursed tattoos?

Okay, it's either a trash mob of Dog Lords, a trash mob of Qunaris, or a trash mob of Slavers.


You can tell Fenris is as surprised as I am.

I am too, assuming by "it" you mean this game and by "this" you mean my hard drive.


  1. Oooh man, shit just hit the fan!
    How will this epic story end?
    Will it reveal Fenris's past?
    Will it be a turning point in his life?
    Personally, I just hope we could kill everyone in that bar, Merrill and Anders included.

  2. Bunch of images not loading for me, anybody else got that issue?