Friday, January 13, 2012

Bloodmages Up, Hoes Down pt.1

Hey, so remember those murders we were investigating 3 years ago? (Probably not.) Anyway, looks like they're still going on!
C'mon, lighten up Emeric. Just roll with the quips, you'll make it easier for everyone.

Wow, and you've got so much to show for it, too.

Naturally, Valerie focuses on the most pertinent facts of the investigation

Hey, you know who else has been making inquiries about the missing women? You. Checkmate, you're the killer.

Despite her best efforts to avoid anything remotely resembling work, Valerie knows she'll end up doing this anyway.

Could this be... foreshadowing? What the Hell?!

You're really going about this wrong, man. If you'd surreptitiously mentioned that you thought DuPuis might be a mage, Meredith would have promptly set his house on fire.

It's because nobody else in Kirkwall does anything other than stand in place waiting for you to finish the ethnic cleansing of trash mobs. If only Bioware had learned the glories of Radiant AI.

Mr. Negative

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