Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rolling In The Deep Roads pt.2

So Valerie and company head deeper into the deepest of roads to find the golem they just bought a joystick for.
Unfortunately, this golem isn't a sassy camp gay that loves crystals and hates pigeons and meatbags.

In fact, it doesn't even talk, it just punches other golems. What a fuckin' gyp.

Once the golems have gotten their shit punched, our buddy wanders away, leaving us to slice up a bunch of darkspawn. Yawn.

Finally we find the resting place of the Heartdrinker.
It's been smashed to shit by falling rocks and is completely unusable. This is not me joking. This is the actual end of the quest.


Fuck this, let's go back to Kirkwall.
Technically we didn't even try, but sure.

Hahaha fuck you, we didn't even get a sword out of this.

Hey Iwan? If you're trying to deny something, freaking out doesn't help your case.

Plus, the sword wasn't even there, making this a complete waste of time on Valerie's part.

Oh my god! They killed Merin!

I feel like I've really done a good thing here.

Iwan will never appear in this game again.

Nice neck.

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