Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Qidnapped Qunari pt.3

So we head to the rally, which shockingly enough is being held in generic darktown environment #1.
I dunno, personally I'm a little skeptical about the acoustics in here...

Oh, nevermind, sound actually carries pretty well in here.

Yeah dude, you're really tough, capturing an unarmed diplomatic party.

Valerie angrily realizes that her life would be so much easier if she had started up a sham cult to advance her own personal goals years ago.

lol this is more staged than an episode of The Real World.

"Because I just sold you out to her!"

Ah, that's the Anders we know and love, none of this wishy-washy "do we have enough proof?" BS.

Clearly the best way to respond to claims of being a pussy is to kill a bunch of unarmed captives.

Nice face.

Is there any problem you can't solve by killing everyone in the building? Valerie sure doesn't know of one!

Personally, I'd just leave it alone and hope he eventually forgets about it.


Valerie likes to think her constant quips keep people grounded, but actually they're just completely insufferable.

Perhaps the same could be said... of this game?

Also the abuses we get away with, like the time we murdered all those templars in the chantry or the time we lied to the templars about the blood mages running away or the fact that we're walking around Kirkwall with a blood mage and an apostate 24/7 or-

Viscount Dumar has a moment of clarity, some time to reflect on what really matters in this situation...


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... can't get fooled again! -Valerie Hawke

Yeah, if anyone understands failing at their job, it's you.

Close your eyes and bend over.

The same cannot be said for this game.

Let's talk about what you owe once I get done talking with the Arishok.

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