Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shonky Business at The Bone Pit

Emotionally and physically drained by this horrific experience, Valerie lapses into drunken slumber. And in this sleep of drunk, what dreams may come?
Then she woke up, saw she was still in bed with Anders, and sunk into a deep depression.

Well, alcohol didn't take the pain away, and sexual fantasies were less than satisfying, so let's try immersing ourself in our work instead!
Actually, it was a cocktail napkin with a smear of vomit on the corner, but it got the point across.

Despite the apparently massive damage this has been doing to your business, this is the first time you'll hear anything about the ambushes.

And it turns out he's a fellow refugee from Lothering and claims that he knows Valerie. Just goes to show, can't trust a dog lord. Fucking immigrants.

Oh and while you're doing that, can you pick up another cask of Antivan brandy? The Hanged Man cut Valerie off like 2 days ago.

Here is the dung pile I caught littering my hard drive.

Oh yeah, senseless violence feels sooo good right about now.

-Me, to David Gaider

Mom's family was from Kirkwall and never lived in Lothering? Nobody mentions this so I don't know if this is a plot hole or a lie or what.

Much like this game.

Should have submitted to the Qun, dude.

Says the woman who didn't actually care about tracking down the serial killer until her mom got kidnapped.

This is a bluff, valerie doesn't actually know or care what the names are.

Hey, gang of lawless bandits, here's the times and places for all our shipments. Just please don't hurt anyone, k?

Another problem solved. Valerie heads for a drink to celebrate.

Whoa, we're working with criminals? These moral quandaries are getting a little too heavy for me to handle.

Wow, not even a dog lord; just a dog? That's low.

Agreed. Wait, you weren't talking about this game?

Okay, but this is coming out of hubert's share.

Tempting, but valerie doesn't really want to get blood on her Rivani carpeting...

She's already going to have to replace the chair after he pissed himself on it.

-Me, realizing I still haven't finished this.

So then we killed a shitload of bandits and it wasn't particularly interesting or noteworthy. Oh, and Lilley got killed, which saved us the trouble of paying her.

Bonus image I stumbled across while google searching for the (sadly removed from youtube) video of David Gaider repeatedly punching a woman in the face:


  1. Wait you mean the obvious morally bankrupt thief didn't wind up being the evil person leading the attack on the raids, agreeing to 'fight off the attacks' only as a way to get paid more and let her gang take a break, thus winding up with profit and no hassal?

    Wait no around half way through that became somewhat competent, never mind.

  2. Isaac, are you projecting onto Valerie? Are you going for the Dark Id approach and fueling your Let's Plays on hatred and copious amounts of alcohol? We're here for you man. We're here for you.