Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PUA: The Marethari Method

Welp, we've checked in on one of our unpredictable, mentally unbalanced, and incredibly dangerous mage buddies, let's check in on the other one.
You can't keep a dog lord from eatin' pussy. BOOSH!

It's kind of funny that people say shit like this in this game, because either Hawke's sister is a mage or Hawke is, so of course a character's going to fucking stick up for mages when they've got a personal stake in it.

Who wouldn't be a fan of the 1960's animated classic?


A dude with hilariously fucked up eyebrows?

 Hey, sexy...

That's right its on its on ITS ON YALL

I say the same thing every time I boot up this game.

Oh god I hope everyone dies tomorrow and this game is over.

Oh Hawke you set my brows a-quiver,
Your snarky wit just makes me shiver.
Love you so much it feels insane,
Though I'll never say your first name.

"We'll be hated, hunted" *Is the Champion of Kirkwall, lives in a huge mansion, everyone loves you*

Hell yes! The goon advice I got for dorm living is finally gonna pay off!


  1. Now that the LP is free of petty rules and regulations, can we get bigger screenshots? I want Anders' eyebrow to fill my entire screen.

    1. I'm trying to keep tables relatively intact for readers that don't browse full screen, but you can right click > view image to see them in their full size glory.

  2. Eww his teeth in that second-last image. It's realism! Mages on the lam have poor hygiene!

  3. He flosses with lyrium

    Also this turn of events is very disturbing.

  4. Ugh. I know this is supposed to be some "touching heartwarming moment" *snicker* but it's just ruined by the TERRIBLE facial animations. First the eyebrows, and now that MOUTH. Oh God that mouth. What is wrong with it? It's so bad I can't even tell!