Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's Frame A Templar!

So we get a letter, saying some mages needed some help. Let's head over to the docks and see what's going on.
Well, you're a little old, but sure, I've got a "package" to "deliver".

How much for a lyrium shower and the tranquil experience?

I'm liking this character more already!

(She'll never speak again for the rest of the game.)
"deep in the throws of lyrium" lmao

So we head over to the gallows and guess what we find?
Valerie Hawke: This is our only chance to make it big.
Varric Tethras: C'mon baby let's do this... naturally.
-from Requiem for a Somniari

The Antivan Queen? I didn't know Zevran was already in town HEYO!

Oops, somehow I failed to screenshot the end of that quest. Welp. Just watch this video and pretend that instead of some stupid mage douchebag it's actually Valerie.

Anyway, just imagine the panic that breaks out when this incoherent drug addict busts into Templar headquarters and starts slurring about demons and then a delivery of that Bin Laden Kush Lyrium shows up for Ser Conrad!

No, seriously, imagine it, because the game sure as shit doesn't show it at any point.

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