Saturday, January 28, 2012

Occupy Hightown

Its been 3 years since the Qunari left in triumph and Kirkwall was rebuilt. Let's check in on what's new in Hightown.
Wow, actually bothered to put distinctly different character in the background for this cutscene. Shocking.

Who cares, if things had worked out the way they were supposed to we'd all be subjugated under the Qun right now.

There's at least 10 more hours of this farce to go (the farce is this game).

Sounds like my cue!

A serious accusation. Your response, Valerie?

A stunning insight. Meredith, your counter-argument?

We are in the presence of master debaters tonight.

My, my, such a terrible game!

You'd be frustrated too if you saw the script for the rest of this act.

Sorry mommy, please don't take away my dessert.

Orsino was later found in an alleyway, beaten almost beyond recognition.

Shut up bitch.

It's not even possible to demean the characters further than this game already does.

This can be solved at any moment. Just press escape.

SPOILER: it will


  1. So, this is it--this is what acts I and II were all about: you move into Kirkwall and become a VIP, so that in Act III you can side with either the Nazi knight or the rebellious wizard with a snake-shaped staff (which is absolutely not foreshadowing in any way, shape or form).

    In other words, acts I and II were entirely pointless and influence in no way the last one. Gameplay!

    1. Now lets not be completely disingenuous, there was literally 1 thing in Act I that has any bearing whatsoever on Act III, At the complete end, long after you stopped giving a fuck (which for a friend of mine, was right after the tutorial gave way). But it's there!

    2. True but, in typical DA2 fashion, that "thing" is bound to the plot through a completely optional companion quest in Act II...

  2. Giant douche and turd sandwich man, giant douche and turd sandwich...