Friday, January 20, 2012

Loss.jpg: Epilogue

Today was a sterling example of that.

Oh, don't worry, I started banging Anders right before you got killed. Want to catch up on all the hottest gossip about our relationship?

Valerie pauses, lost in thoughts of how goddamn drunk she's going to have to deal with this.

Thanks, horrible abomination with my mom's severed head hastily stitched onto it.

Valerie is puzzled. for some strange reason, the booze doesn't take the bad feelings away anymore?

Yeah, I did. No thanks to you.

I'm always right.jpg

No wallowing in self-pity, that's Valerie's job here!

Gamlen: How'd it happen?
Valerie: That madman took her face. . .*gestures* off.

Hey man, blood magic doesn't kill people, blood mages kill people. And if you outlaw blood magic only outlaws will be blood mages.

Oh come on, i didn't even bring up the corpse-fucking!

I wish your eyebrow wasn't clipping directly through your eyeball.

Gamlen, when hasn't Valerie solved a problem by killing it?

I'm sure be thrilled to hear about it from the man who cheated her mother out of the inheritance!

At this point, Valerie's literally too drunk to stand up.

Hey Val, Anders here. Your mom got turned into a gross abomination and then died? Well, you were lucky, all things considered.

I need a better game to play.


  1. the best bit is how Anders uses this moment to try to push more of his "Mages aren't really that bad" bullshit.

    You know, funny story, There's an insane mage in Dragon Age: Awakening who says the Templars and Circle have to be destroyed and mages set free. If you meet him with Anders? Anders mocks him, because while he certainly doesn't think the circle is PERFECT, it's still better than mages running around with no control of their powers turning into demons or being strung up by scared villagers.

    Wonderful as always. You suffer for all our sins

  2. So here we see the last of Hawke's mother, turned into grotesque, shambling, patchwork mockery of her former self.

    Kind of a metaphor for the franchise, really.

  3. Does Anders show up here even if you're not romancing him?

    1. no it's your romantic interest/whoever you have the most friendship with. Here's all the scenes in their 'glory'

      Anders: If it helps, go ahead and take it out on me

      Well, nice to know Anders is a sub

  4. "Necromancy is definitely no joke, and I have no intention of making light of it. And it can be a tough and emotional thing for parents and children to go through, speaking from personal experience. And I know that it's often much harder on the abomination than on the champion. However, I also know that it doesn't necessarily turn you into a sad, depressed sack of tears for the rest of your life. People can move past it, and heal."
    -David Gaider