Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Whose Head Is Most Nommable Of All?

Awwwww yeah! Hey, sexy...

Actually, yo mirror look like a dishrag.


Ummm, if that took you a few years to do, you probably shouldn't quit your day job.

Well, this sounds like a perfectly safe mysterious magical artifact to have lying around!

Yeah! Smash it! And make smaller fragments!

Wanna know what you're gonna learn? You're homo. (Elves are homo.)

I'm a little more concerned about how she brought that entire thing into Kirkwall unnoticed to be honest.

"Okay guys, I know this sounds dangerous but don't worry: I summoned a demon to help us out."

Funny, I just cringe every time anyone says anything.

 Shep Face.

ACT 3 SPOILER:  Actually it doesn't, and she'll continue to fix the mirror even if she doesn't get it.

I'm not really surprised, Merrill can barely figure out how to go to the bathroom alone.

You can slash your wrists and barter with demons from beyond the fade but you can't handle some old bag frowning at you?

Otherwise I won't get the experience and loot.

 Hey, sexy...

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