Thursday, January 19, 2012

Loss.jpg pt.2

So after realizing that Isabela's gonna be less than useless while she's in heat, Hawke and her usual crew head into darktown. Sensing the urgency of the moment, Merrill asks Anders if he's happy.
Oh my god Hawke's mother is being murdered and everyone wants to gossip about her love life, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

Yeah, now that you've got a new house you're remarkably cheery.

No, Fenris has been "grumpy", Anders has just been a whiny sack of shit whenever he's not hulked out and murdering templars.

Anyway, the discussion is fortunately cut short as Valerie stumbles upon everyone's favorite Orlesian blood mage.
Yes, she just had sex with Anders and she urgently needs your opinion on the relationship!

I agree, I was hoping this plotline was going to play out over all 3 acts instead of just the first 2.

Dude, we didn't rescue shit, you kidnapped her and she freaked out and ran away and now she's dead.

Little curious why you didn't just track the killer down immediately, before he kidnapped another victim?

What if she was eaten and you found a pile of pooped out turds? (You would box them and sell them as this game. (This game is shit.))

There can be only one.

So the quickening is over and I guess we find out where the killer is hiding? I don't have any screenshots of Gascard telling us where the killer's lair is so I have to assume this happens off screen.

Gee Merrill, this magical murderhole offends your delicate sensitivities? Might want to have thought about that before you became a fucking blood mage, but what do I know?

I would fucking hope so, given that we're trying to find mom while she's still alive and all.

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  1. I can guess what we will find - trash mobs, who just happened to be in the area!