Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An "Unexpected" Development pt.2

Valerie and her party reach the foundry district, only to find yet another unwelcome reception.
Oh come on guys, don't make me do this to you.

"I just closed my eyes and held my knife out and somehow they walked into it. 146 times."

Wow, didn't guess that when a warband of Qunari attacked us demanding "the relic". Thanks for explaining.

Perhaps the Qunari should take a lesson from My Little Pony. Friendship is magic, and so is sharing!

Cousland? Nice Dragon Age Origins reference. Good to see Bioware respecting the rich lore they've created.

That's right y'all, Isabela stole the Qunari Qoran from the militant Islamic borg!

Yeah, the Arishok already explained that part.

Look Valerie, do you even know how long the Arishok has been waiting for A Dance with Dragons to come out?

*sigh* squee.

Plus you're going to run off and take it either way and Hawke will let you because she's a spineless sack of shit who allows pretty much anyone to walk all over her when the plot demands it to.

Alright, let's head into the foundry and meet up with Cotton-eye Joe or whatever the fuck his name was.
The Tevinters have only been onscreen a few seconds and they're already disgusted with this game.

Hi guys!

Bye Isabela!

And then naturally we can't just let the Tevinters and the Qunari kill each other while we chase after Isabela because? So we kill everyone in the foundry and then head outside.
You bitch.

Things Fenris hates: thieves, mages, being raped by mages, the smell of wet mabari warhounds.

And I still have to deal with this game. Ultimately, I'm getting the shit end of this stick.


  1. At least if you play your cards right you can give someone else the shit end of the stick at the end of this endless act. Still doesn't take away the fact you're still playing DA2.

  2. I support screwing someone over in this act, since Gaider and Bioware are clearly screwing over anyone who purchased this game.

    1. this is Step 1 in "How to fuck over your annoying party" Well an alternate step 1.