Friday, January 6, 2012

Dark Rumblings In Weimar Kirkwall...

Valerie drops by darktown to check in on her favorite rosy-cheeked mage when she remembers some random piece of trash she found on the floor during one of her quests.
Yeah, you know, being the only mage in the party with any healing magic, saving my sister's life from the blight, whatever, no biggie.

Let me put it this way: if everyone gets killed, this game is over.

Oh come on, you can buy a Tevinter chantry amulet at any Hotte Toppik in Ferelden, it's really not a big deal anymore.

It's not the only thing of Valerie's that's gonna be underneath your clothes soon

According to Fenris, it's basically a million blood mages all backstabbing each other for power, so it'd probably be like way cooler than anything in this shithole of a city.

lmao you're not fooling anyone Valerie, you ain't no virgin.

Haha yeah they're all blood mages. I wonder what it'd be like to live there...

You can blame the art team for a lot. There WAS supposed to be a Sir-Pounce-Alot for Anders. But they didn’t want the cat as an inventory item (they wanted the cat to walk around the clinic) but the art team didn’t want to create a whole new model. They did offer to make a staff with a cat’s skull on it, but David was like, “OMGAH NO! Thats so cruel!!”

"Meaningful"? Man, this was just gonna get pawned if you didn't want it, Valerie'll settle for a gift that's "erect".

But speaking of chantry propaganda, let's head on down to the gallows!

Time to check in with our buddy Ser Thrask:

Bioware "choice" in a nutshell.

Actually I just don't give a shit.

Really, anywhere as long as you were back in Kirkwall for act 3 because David Gaider wrote this totally awesome plotline for you.


But wait! What's that?

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