Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Loss.jpg pt.1

Unfortunately for Valerie, her post-coital bliss is interrupted by shouting from downstairs. Let's check in and see what the commotion is!

Gamlen is really not in the mood to deal with rain dwarf right now.

Shouting, no, but repetition might.

Dude, do I look like a babysitter, I'm kinda busy getting laid right now...

Le wild trollhawke strikes again!

Well, she's got something sick, alright... her sick-ass titties! BOOSH!

They've been busy peeping on Valerie's bedroom.

Watch out Kirkwall, ye olde Milfhunter is on the prowl!

The Milfhunter strikes without warning, broseph. Any mom could be next... even yours.

Could this be... foreshadowing? What the Hell?!

Unfortunately, Gamlen does not appreciate a funny-ass name.

Um, dude? Murderflowers? Might want to be taking this a little more seriously?

Yeah, cool, you do that. I'm gonna go round up the people that know how to actually fight.

So we head into lowtown to pick up some of our more unsavory compatriots to do some wanton violence. First stop: The Hanged Man.
Awww yeah, this dude is speakin' my language! Next stop: The Bone Zone!


lol this dude owns.

Please, don't let Valerie interrupt anything.

Okay, this? Might not have been the best idea...

That's great. Okay Isabela, my mother's gone miss-

-errr, what?

Isabela, we kind of have more important things to talk about right now!


Not knowing how to get this conversation back on the right track, Valerie has no choice but to play along in hopes that there'll be an opening to bring up her kidnapped mother.

oh my god.

oh my god.


This was a terrible idea.

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  1. Lol, Isabella's a slut! Guys, guys, did you hear? Isabella's a slut!

    Awful. It's like, they don't even TRY to hide the fact that she's a one-dimensional, one-trick pony.