Monday, January 9, 2012

Valterral More Like Failterral

Yeah, you do that Merrill. I'll be right behind you.

Unsurprisingly this fight is terrible, takes forever, and involves a lot of tedious shit where the Valterral sprays webs at you or drops rocks from the ceiling on you. However, it's still incredibly easy to kill, it just takes a long time.

It is.

Plus even if he wasn't, Justice would freak out and smite the elf for sodomy. (Elves? Homo.)

Ahahahaha Anders layin the SMACKDOWN.

Yeah, a city born elf would clearly understand how important it is to restore your ancient dalish death-mirror.

Every conversation in this entire quest is people beating up on Merrill for being an idiot child.

Now gimme da loot!

You should've done something unbelievably cute, IMO.

Hey, Merrill:

It doesn't matter what I do because act 3's plot requires Merrill continue to fix the mirror so she's going to fix the mirror with or without this dinky piece of crap.

"So I found a demonspirit. It helped me cursepurify the mirror through blood magic."

Merrill, every fucking blood mage we've met other than you has been a bloodthirsty corpse-reviving serial killer.

Yes. Yes she is.

Look, why can't we all just band together over our love of murdering templars?

I don't care, but apparently Valerie can't sell this thing, soooo-

Actually, I just didn't want to have to deal with the huge rivalry boost that would nullify my friendship bonus.

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