Friday, December 2, 2011

Permabanned Pedophile The Eye Of Andraste pt.2

So after sending Lia on her way, we make our way deeper into the ruins to confront permabanned pedophile The Eye of Andraste.
Not content to merely kill him, Valerie must also crush his self-image first.

Kinda figured that out when you said your dad sent Valerie after you.

Dude, if I had recorded that song I'd try to keep it hidden away too.

Pretty sure you could help yourself by y'know, not murdering children.

Mr. Water

At this point I'm just in awe that anyone at Bioware thought that this was a good plotline to feature in their warehouse exploration dating sim.

I'm not getting paid at all, stop whining.

Now comes the heart-wrenching moral dilemma: do you kill the pedophile serial killer or let him go back to Kirkwall and keep killing elven children for the rest of the game? Note that literally everyone in your party will approve if you kill him and disapprove if you don't.

You know what? Go ahead. This whole thing is too pathetic for words.

I'm sorry I ever took this quest.

For some reason despite the fact that he can reach into people's chests and crush their loving hearts, Fenris sees reason to carry around a sword that weighs more than his entire willowy body.

So we head out for a touching reunion.
White man always keeping the Dalish down.

Yeah, I'm real scared of some nerdass lawyer. I wonder what throwaway line of dialogue I'll get 3 years later because I made him mad?

This dude never shows up again for the rest of the game.

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