Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kirkwall: Life On The Street


Fenris and Isabela get to know each other:

Isabela: I enjoy a man with markings like that.
Ahahahaha Isabela likes to fuck! She's a slut!

Whine about how they're a plague burned upon your soul, women love that.

Fenris and Isabela will fuck in Act 3 unless you stop them by fucking one of them.
Valerie drives a hard bargain:

Despite the fact that Valerie has killed thousands of men in broad daylight until the streets run red with their blood, she's picked the snarky dialogue option too many times, so she's not sufficiently threatening.

For some reason, Valerie puts her knife away anyway.
It is impossible to convey the petulance of this line's delivery through mere text.

Oh come on, you're just rubbing our faces in it now.

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