Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Hope You Like To Fuck pt.1

So after the depressing experience of dealing with a pedophile and being threated by a magistrate, Valerie decides that it's time to drown her sorrows in cheap booze. (When is it not time for cheap booze? Valerie doesn't know!)
Hmmm, Isabela... that sounds familiar from my DA:O playtime.

Well, I'm sure she'll look similar, I mean, the continuity of this series is very impor-
Darker, sexier, better.

I wish EA said the same thing to Bioware, except replace "information" with "game".


Okay, maybe not.

If you're talking about not being involved in this game anymore, the answer is "yes".

 Duke Dog

Actually, you are. Valerie's been living in Kirkwall for over a year now.

Actually, that's you as well.

Oh, she's got a lot of "experience" if you know what I mean. (Isabela likes to fuck.)

Didn't ask for your life story, Tits McGee.

Valerie says what we're all thinking at this point.

Well, yeah, of course he'll leave you alone because he'll be dead.

Fun fact: if you watch Isabela's back closely, you'll be able to see her ass clip through the back of her clothes.

Awww yeah, another straight up sleeee-yut for the harem!

Yeah, I'm not doing anything else, I'm pretty sure that mysteriously missing templar can wait a few more days.

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