Saturday, December 10, 2011

Balls Deep pt.4

Bartrand has betrayed us. we're lost in the Deep Roads and Varric is rapidly running out of grooming products for his chest hair.
And now we're being attacked by the profane, aka "motherfucker monsters".

Clearly they were rock demon ghosts, duh.

Suddenly a rock talks to us? #whoa #wow.
I'm pretty sure my insatiable lust for xp and loot is need enough.

Hey, that might have come in handy for both of us BEFORE we killed several dozen of them!

You know, that doesn't really answer the question of what they are.

Laugh if you want, Valerie, but it's still healthier than the average GBS poster's diet.

Despite the fact that they are literally just shades, Bioware couldn't be arsed to put in a hunger demon model, so instead they just used another profane.

There are two things in life I don't share - women and the profane. When I see people walking my way and I'm eating these profane, I hide them. Fuckers. They'll never get any.

Pretty sure I don't.

Anders will say this literally every time a demon tries to make a deal with you, which is every time you encounter one.

Seriously, this should be a good one.

Hahaha fuck that, you can't even open the door yourself? Like finding a key in a linear corridor is gonna be hard.

So we kill him.
The best part? The demon feeding off of the profane actually has less health than a generic profane. He was already dead by the time I took this screenshot.

So we continue deeper into the labyrinthstraight line that is the Deep Roads.
Pretty sure it's still the Deep Roads, Val.

Fortunately for the party, Valerie is not intimidated by a mere palette-swap.

Welcome to the Space Jam.

And Valerie Hawke dunks on the entire Deep Roads.

This disbelief would be a lot more believable if we hadn't just killed several dozen profane rock wraiths.

Yes, let's take the fabled treasure of the lost thaig of the deep roads, that we spent 50 gold and risked life and limb to obtain!'s 6 gold and the key out.

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