Monday, December 26, 2011

In Dreams I Snark With You pt.4

So now we're gonna go check out Feynriel's pride. (hint: it's not his penis.)
This time we step through the door and transform into-

Some elf shitlord we've never seen before. This is Kirkwall's first enchanter Orsino, a fact that you won't actually know yet because he hasn't been introduced or referred to by name at this point, and won't be until the very end of act 2. Fuck this game.

This entire sequence is cool because you get to crush a child's dreams over and over again.

Um, all women lie?

The only way to save him... is to destroy his self-esteem.

Yeah, the real first enchanter would totally be like "go for it dude!"

It's cool because Feynriel says this kind of stuff then he's the one who runs away.

Oh look, a demon. How surprising.

Shit. You have a point there.


Gee, I don't know, do you think there's a gigantic ship with 100 hunky studs and a purple sex demon waiting for Isabela back in Kirkwall?

Goddammit, Merrill.

Yeah, but Hawke isn't even a mage, so that doesn't make sense at all!

Shockingly, Merrill didn't like it too much when I killed her.

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