Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What A Man, What A Man, What A Mighty Blow Man

Romance is in the air, and it's time for Hawke to check in on those special somebodies in her life!

Even Fenris realizes that it's probably best to avoid listening to what Bioware considers "funny".

Which part of Kirkwall would be nicer to squat in?

This is the worst innuendo ever.

Oh yeah Isabela, you're really making Valerie jealous.

Um, Valerie? Joking about someone missing the attention of their rapist might come off as a leeeettle insensitive, doncha think?

Ugh, me me me, don't you ever talk about anything else?

What are your feelings on, say, false domestic violence accusations? (Don't stick your dick in crazy. r/mensrights.)

Well okay, we can add in genital warts and a paternity suit, but only since you asked so nicely.

I guess lined up alongside Merrill, Isabela and Aveline, Hawke seems like a good idea, but drat Fenris, broaden your horizons a bit!

*sigh* The Arishok...

Rather than answer honestly, Valerie redirects the conversation.

Pretty much everything about this game bothers me.

This would be even funnier if she was also a mage.

Yeah, no way to refute that. It's not like she's also insanely wealthy or influential to outweigh her humble beginnings.

ATTN: Goonettes reading this: I've got an "interesting point" for you to "consider". (It's my penis.)

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