Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Qunari Gas Chamber pt.3

And so Valerie and company valiantly headed into the omega quarantine zone in search of Mordin Solus.
She said, staring at the open barrel spraying out poison gas directly in front of her.

Apparently this poison is so potent it makes you sporadically spew blood out of your very pores. Observe the barely noticeable fraction of your life this knocks off. This is because if the poison actually did any real damage, this quest as designed would be completely impossible.

We pick up a single steel latch and close a gas barrel.

This summons a 5-wave trash mob that we have to kill before we can pick up the next steel latch and close the next barrel. There are 5 barrels. You do the math. This is the worst fucking quest ever.

For all the talk about this poison driving people mad, this is the only civilian that appears during the entire quest. Needless to say, we killed her.

Anyway, after we finally close all five barrels, Valerie is confronted by the mastermind behind this brilliant plan.
Nobody appreciates Valerie's unique brand of snark, it seems.

Here's the thing: Kirkwall's such a fucking shithole I'm surprised everybody in Lowtown and Darktown hasn't embraced the Qun by this point.

Jews did 9/11. David Gaider knows the truth.

Reminder: it's totally cool to make fun of a serial killer's victims for being dismembered and your brother for being smashed to a pulp, but whoa, poison a slum and suddenly it's just not funny anymore.

SPOILER: it's that chantry bitch from act 1.

Yeah um, the only bodies getting added here are yours and you trash mob of henchmen.

So we kill her and everyone else.
He wasn't actually wrong about anything other than Jaravis, though.

Don't care unless they're going to pay me.

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