Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goddamn I Want To Fuck+Cum In That Bioware Babe

And now, a couple vignettes from the Hanged Man:

Merrill learns to play poker
She pulls this shit on Merrill because she knows anybody else in the party would slit her throat.

Mine now, bitches! Later!

Even Isabela is above tricking the mentally handicapped out of things. (Unless it's their virginity, but that's a whole other story... (The story is that Isabela is a slut.))

Isabela gets a present
I don't know about y'all, but this is NOT what I want to hear when I whip it out. Just kidding, I wouldn't know. I've never touched a woman, I write for Bioware; and I'm a goon!

Okay, it's actually a ship in a bottle or some shit.
Hey baby, here's a portrait of you. Getting gangbanged. Hope you like it.
Hard to believe folks, but this big titty babe loves to get fucked in every hole of her voluptuous ethnic body!

Oh yeah, she's "full" of "thoughts" all right... thoughts of fuckin'! SPOILER: Isabela is a slut.

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