Friday, December 16, 2011

The Qunari Gas Chamber pt.1

Now that we've got the boys out of the way, it's time to get with a real man.
See, tensions are running high. We know tensions are running high because now 2 characters have said so.

Well hello, Arishok. May I say you're looking especially authoritarian today? I like that.

For those of you not up-to-date on bullshit fantasy language, that means "gunpowder".

Oh, okay. Now everything makes sense?

Oh man, someone's in for a real tragedy this Fourth of July.

Wow. You really thought this one out.

For those of you joining us recently, Jaravis was the first dwarven shitbag to try to screw us over. At this point one has to wonder why Valerie even does business with these midget motherfuckers anymore.

You know, this entire situation could have been avoided if you just killed whoever it was while they were attempting to steal the recipe instead of getting them to poison themselves, but then I gaze upon those pecs and I can't stay mad at you.

Get used to it. We've got 2 more acts of running errands for anyone in Kirkwall who we happen to be foolish enough to make eye contact with.

Look man, if that slutty fucking recipe didn't want to be stolen it shouldn't have been just laying around like that.

He really does care!!

Sounds good. Let's head to Darktown.

Shobon Don't worry Maril I'll always protect u

He didn't by any chance leave a recipe for poison among his assets? Because if I could buy that off you that'd be really great.

Oh joy. A cave. I wonder which one of the two cave maps this will be?

Lady, by the time we're done with him the only way he'll be coming back is through blood magic.

The same could be said of the writing staff for this game.

BONUS: Epic Qunari Rage (

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