Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm Sowwy

So we head out from the alienage, and Isabela reflects on what she's learned today.

You're likely to get shanked by Valerie if you keep talking this bullshit.

Isabela references Joss Whedon's Mutant Enemy Production with the "Grr. Argh." when speaking of abominations during party banter with Anders. This is Mutant Enemy Production's ending of every show they produce.

Ahahaha owned you fucking vapid.

More banter:

Anyway, before we leave the alienage, we decide to have an important conversation with Merrill
Understandably, getting stabbed to death by Hawke in the fade might have been more than a little unsettling for her.

Yeah, I was really shocked when the blood mage made a deal with a demon. never saw it coming.

I think this is the only time that making an observation such as "demons are bad" doesn't garner rivalry from Merrill.

Don't worry, I'm positive you'll make it again.

Apparently whoever designed the camera angles for this game has never heard of the 180 degree rule. Fitting, because it's only the most basic rule of cinematography, so ignorance of it is basically the perfect metaphor for this game.

The fact that her naivete borders on mental retardation?

"But don't worry, I'm totally sure it won't happen next time."

No, because of your haircut. Of course it's because of the fucking blood magic.

Yes, thanking someone for brutally murdering you. This is a first.

Shocking spoiler for later in this act:

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