Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Emancipation Trashmob Annihilation

So we head into the holding pens in search of Fenris's pursuers and immediately stumble across a mutilated corpse.
Well Merrill, I can't really imagine there's too many people lining up to get ritually killed.

I mean come on, cutting yourself is a totally different way of summoning demons.

No, it's totally cool, Merrill really had the upper hand when she made a deal with a Pride Demon, the most powerful in the demonic hierarchy, you can tell she's a master bargainer.

And then we went to the garbage dump to take care of the trash (I didn't know this game took place in my post history!)

Show me where on the doll!

Despite finding a ritually slaughtered corpse a few minutes earlier, Fenris is shocked to hear that a blood mage actually practiced blood magic.

Your fault. Your fault.

I like how her characterization is basically "Merrill, but with Stockholm syndrome".

Yeah, keep telling yourself that to justify letting Danarius fuck you.

 Mr. Water

 That is NOT awesome.

The ideal woman!

Valerie's already letting Sandal live in her house, what harm is one more retard gonna do?

Don't worry, Valerie will never actually have to pay her.

Same, except instead of "this place" insert "this game".

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