Saturday, December 24, 2011

In Dreams I Snark With You pt.1

So we get a letter telling us to head for the alienage and when we get there-
You want us to bring him back from the dead after the Dalish killed him for being a half-breed?

Oh, I guess they didn't kill him. Too bad.

Funny, I went into a nightmare a month ago and haven't returned either (The nightmare is this game).

Put him on the wait list for the make-a-wish foundation? What?

Do I look like a candy-colored clown they call the sandman, here to amuse you as I tiptoe through your window every night?

I could use a nap too. One I never wake up from. I want to die.

Looks like this kinky lil' minx has been raiding the liquor cabinet again because she's thinking whips and chains and getting frisky!

I'm probably going to regret this, because there's no loot in the fade.

Shut up.


Cool, I'm gonna run around town killing doglords for a couple days. See you later.

Valerie figured she'd change her clothes into something a little less intimidating before attempting to snap Feynriel out of a 2-day nightmare. This suit of darkspawn armor ought to do the trick!

Yeah, you told us that in the letter.

All mages attract demons in the fade, though?

Even year-one losers in the circle can survive a demonic possession, so these dreamers sound like real pussies.

Valerie doesn't give a fuck about this gayass lore, she just wants this quest over with (actually that's me).

It's cool how everyone loves you despite not actually doing anything important for most of the first half of the game.

Prepare to get it on! Bow-chikka-wow-wow!


Haha just kidding! Everything is "her type".

Seriously boring!

This possibility is based on the faulty assumption that any fight in this game is difficult if you're not deliberately trying to lose it.

Plus, it'd probably give me like +10 rivalry from Anders.

Yeaaaah, that's a bad idea.

Lemme get right on that *picks the most dysfunctional dipshits possible*

Your barely repressed homosexual urges towards Fenris?

 America ruins another perfectly good Japanese meme


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