Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Qunari Gas Chamber: Epilogue

The Arishok is understandably disheartened that we stopped a bunch of people from getting poisoned, hoping that Kirkwall would be wiped off the map.

I wish I could get used to the agony of playing this game.

Yeah, it's almost like you could have avoided this by not deliberately allowing someone to steal something that could be used to kill a shitload of people, but I just can't stay mad at you!


I'm pretty sure city elves have no culture beyond whining about how they got owned by humans and having their wedding parties interrupted by gangs of roaming rapists.

Here is something you can't understand: how I could just kill a man.

I wouldn't complain, they're the only source of remotely interesting writing in this entire shitty game. Also, Valerie is being so tsundere with the Arishok right now, it's adorable.

Teh boat is a lie! -new Dragon Age 2 meme

Similarly, David Gaider could have introduced an actual plot by now.

Wait, someone stole something from you? Wow, I can't understand that at all!

So basically, you're asking me to find it for you, right?

I dunno if I've said this before, but I really identify with the Arishhok. Especially his disgust at having to be in Kirkwall, and by extension, this game.

No money? No kiss? Nothing?

Fuck the viscount, hopefully the Arishok'll snap and burn this fucking shithole to the ground.

Another brilliant reference to Dragon Age: Origins!

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