Friday, December 23, 2011

I Did It All For The Nookie

So Valerie heads back to her house and guess who's waiting for her?
Not yourself? Dude, you're always a pissy dramaqueen who hates mages.

Not pictured: the half an hour I spent running around looking for loot once Fenris left the party.

I'm only human
Its so easy for your friends to give you their advice
They tell you to let it go
But its easier said then done
I appreciate it
I do, but just leave me alone
Leave me alone
Just leave me alone!!
Just leave me alone!
Ain't nothin' gonna change
If you can go away
I'm just gonna stay here and always be the same

Femdom My penis thanks you

Even if you did, Valerie was still gonna kill her and take her loot.

Valerie isn't really clear on the whole "forgiveness" thing.

Literally all you do is talk about how much you hate mages.

Too late!

Valerie might as well tattoo "DTF" inside her lip at this point. (I knew a chick that did this, she was hella fat, had a cocaine problem, and got banned from all the rehabs in Orange County because she would fuck every guy in them.)

It's like this dude doesn't even want to get laid.

Anyway, Fenris is gone, let's check on the other residents.
Hello... slave.

I dunno why I find this whole "papa" thing so offputting, but it's like it adds a layer of childish retardation beyond even Merrill.

 Mr. Water

Yeah, that's exactly what I- PSYCHE! You're totally still a slave.

At no point does the game deduct any money to pay her. Or anyone else in your house, for that matter.

A slave to thick hard megacocks?



Yeah, I don't know how you got "get married" out of anything Isabela ever says.

If Valerie lived with Gamlen peeping on her in the shower for a year I'm pretty sure she can deal with her mom knowing when she's making a booty call.

The resolution of this plotline is gonna own so hard.

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