Wednesday, November 30, 2011

David Gaider's From Hell pt.2

This post sequence-breaks in the interest of wrapping up the quest promptly, so Isabela's gonna be in some of the screenshots despite the fact that I haven't recruited her yet.

So we head to the warehouse in search of some clues as to the missing slutwife.

Oh look, a mysterious mage.

The blood mage summons a bunch of shades and a desire demon, which is basically a horned purple slut wearing the Venus suit from Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, then he runs off while we kill them.

Thanks Fenris, remarkably insightful, can't wait to hear you whine more about mages.

Oh don't mind me, just keeping a magical rune design inside my bloody burlap sack of dismembered body parts. Don't want to misplace it, y'know?

Yeah, let's just haul this bag of severed hands and bones around Kirkwall, nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan.

So we head over to the gallows and toss Emeric a bag of decaying limbs.
Damn, this guy is such a quitter; he hasn't even bothered to do forensic analysis yet. Is this what passes for criminal investigations in Kirkwall? Horatio Caine would never stand for this shoddy work.

Valerie is stunned into silence by the fact that someone has actually called her on her bullshit.

We flee the scene before we have to find out whether he meant the murders or our flippant disrespect for the dead.

Up next, let's check in with the world's greatest husband:
Um dude. Is your eye okay?

Wow. Way to let him down gently, Valerie.

Oh yeah, so leave Hawke with something that will link her to Ninette's death instead. Real considerate. Asshole.

That's cool, I have arrangements to make too. Namely, finding a store that'll let me pawn evidence in a murder case.

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