Sunday, November 27, 2011


Anyway, Chantry shit's done, now with our miners recruited, we return to Hightown to give Hubert the news. However, on the way over, we overhear an irate Orlesian in a heated argument with the guardsmen.

I assure you, the men's rights movement will have something to say about this!

 Duke Dog

Fuck the police

Yo, I'm sensible as hell as long as you pay me.

This is starting to get a little suspicious here, so if Valerie doesn't pretend to be concerned Aveline's going to start getting really whiny and that's the last thing anyone wants.

Holy shit, you got cucked son.

You'd think they might be a little concerned about the promiscuity of the their whore daughter, but of course they blame it on the husband. Google r/mensrights for more info.

Valerie, perhaps you might want to consider that insulting someone isn't the best way to ingratiate yourself when you're trying to get them to pay you.

Yeah, what a touching story. Really tugs the heartstrings. Now why don't you untug your pursestrings and have the money ready when I get back.


This dude is rapidly becoming one of the most emasculated men in the history of gaming.

So I've got to go interview a manwhore to find out what happened to some dude's slut wife. Yeah. Lemme get right on that.

After I hit up this tavern and get good and drunk first.
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