Sunday, November 27, 2011

God Is Empty Just Like Me

Okay, I did this Qunari mage quest and it was long as hell and not really all that funny so I deleted most of the screenshots. But then my homeboy Buff Butler told me that it was actually important to the plot so oops. Anyway, here's a summary of the quest up to this point: A Chantry sister hires me to lead a Qunari mage out of the city without raising attention. See, the Qunari bind their mages in heavy chains and sew their mouths shut and that's really mean, so we should be nice to them.

We take him into the sewers and some bandits attack us, so the mage, who Sister Petrice calls Ketojaan for some reason, crushes their heads. Anyway, we get out of the sewers and I get attacked by the Qunari because the mage no longer has a role in their society and they want to kill him, so I kill them and then once I set the mage free he sets himself on fire because it's what the Qun calls for.

We head back to the warehouse where we met the chantry sister to find her furiously destroying evidence like she's a one-woman Nixon administration.
Unfortunately, she hears us coming.

Aveline isn't in the mood for pleasantries with this man-faced troon.

But what if she knows that you know that she knows that you know? Did you think about that, huh?

Yeah, you know, I can see how me lining you up to get murdered might kinda annoy you, but hey, water under the bridge, right?

At this point, you're given the opportunity to say you should kill her. (Note: You can't kill her.)
The sooner I get my money the sooner I'm out of this miserable shithole.

Okay, really don't care if you trick a bunch of dumbass churchtards into getting themselves stomped by Qunari, so you go do that.

The only eternity here is what the experience of playing this game feels like.

So she walks away and I get like one gold and +5 rivalry from aveline for letting a wrongdoer go free. If I had said I wanted to kill her I would have gotten zero gold and probably +5 rivalry from Aveline anyway for threatening a member of the chantry.

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