Sunday, November 20, 2011


So all this talk about Mass Effect reminded me of something, so I'm going to RENEGADE INTERRUPT our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a hot deleted scene from the otherwise tedious and awful "Wayward Son" quest.

A Dalish woman in the Kirkwall alienage has asked us to help her find her half-elf son Feynriel. after interrogating a number of people including his Antivan father (ugh, Antivans...), killing a bunch of slavers and also an apostate mage turned abomination who turned out to be a Templar's daughter (such irony!) we've tracked down the little shit to a cave of slavers on the Wounded Coast.


So then I kill a 4 wave trash mob of slavers, most of which explode into bald mannequins.

QQ babby apostate.

Yeah, it's pretty amazing when you literally just don't give a shit anymore.

It's ridiculous what an ungrateful little shit this bastard is.

Hm, yeah, you've whined about me, whined about your mom, and now you want me to help you?

On second thought, knock yourself out.

Funny enough, I feel the same way about you.

Valerie has no fucks left to give.

Ugh, whatever, I'll do it, but only because I haven't gotten the exp for this quest yet.

A mere screenshot cannot convey how petty and bitchy the delivery on this line is.

Looks like somebody's getting their wish!

And then she gives me an enchanted ring anyways.

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