Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Disease Is Doing Push-Ups In The Parking Lot

Speaking of angry, let's check in on our favorite elven cosplay prostitute and see how Fenris is doing!
Valerie's a little more of a bubblegum vodka, redbull and cranberry girl herself.

No Valerie, you're supposed to get drunk then start slutting it up, not the other way around.

Compliment? Bro, this is an invitation because she is DTF.

Awwww yeaaaah, bottoms up! Let me get some of tha-

 NOT Awesome!

Well, I dunno how small it is, but you definitely had a better chance of "taking pleasure" in something before you threw out the rest of the booze.

Fenris doesn't know how close he's coming to enabling Valerie's raging alcoholism. I mean, Bethany's taken to hiding the mouthwash back at the house at this point.

Valerie uses humor to distract herself from the gaping void she feels inside.

That's right, laugh at my pain. Fucker.

It doesn't really, but if he sticks around Valerie may get a chance to raid the liquor cabinet.


 Bee Puke

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