Saturday, November 19, 2011

Desperately Seeking Storyline

So after being cheated out of money that was rightfully ours by an ungrateful guard captain, we return home in disgust.
Jesus mom, do you ever stop- oh wait, she has a good point there.

Is there even a question how Valerie will respond?

Valerie's ill-considered wisecrak opens her entire family to a blistering torrent of mental annihilation from Gamlen.

If only mom had just lived in the slums and worked as hard as possible to look like a child molester, she could have been the one to run the family finances into the ground!

Mom's had enough of Gamlen's shit and decides to go back on the offensive.

Unfortunately, Gamlen has an airtight alibi to shut her down.

(In case you haven't realized by now, the parents left mom everything.)

A poignant commentary on the economic inequality that enforces the rigid societal hierarchy of the haves and have-nots, leading to the death of the American dream. We are the 99%. Bravo, Bioware, Bravo.

Fortunately Valerie shares none of Bethany's squeamishness in this regard.

The whole writers' room stood up and applauded when they read this line as David Gaider crossed his arms and nodded smugly, content in the knowledge that he was the cleverest writer in the industry.

Holy shit, really, Bethany? Because at this point I'd be afraid something was seriously wrong if mom wasn't constantly complaining.

She only tells this to Bethany because she knows Valerie will laugh at her and call her out for being such a goddamn drama queen.
"Not like I care about mom or anything, but maybe we can use that family fortune to pay off Bartrand."

Valerie asks bethany to question Gamlen about unloading the house. Bethany whines "but why does it have to be me?" Valerie replies "because I don't slather on makeup like a trollop, you cunt."
"He also told me that he had a roll of sovereigns in his front pocket for me and I should reach in and grab it!"

I dunno, can you imagine us not getting into the city because our only contact inside had been sold into slavery, you fucking idiot?!

Seriously, though: let's do some crime. We've already got the backing of the city guard.

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