Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Out Of Here A.N.D.E.R.S. pt.3

When we last left off, Anders, faced by the prospect of impending capture at the hands of the templars, began glowing blue and murdering the living fuck out of them.
Apparently this surge of magical energy has snapped Karl back to his senses, as he's no longer sounding like the runner-up in an emote-off against Keanu Reeves.

Valerie could care less about the metaphysical implications of recent events and tries to find out if she can use it to her advantage in combat.

nders, meanwhile, is eager to change the subject back to his boyfriend.

Kirkwall has finally begun to realize the implications of the surveillance powers allowed to the Chantry in the LOYALIST Act legislation passed in response to the Ferelden Blight.

Actually I can imagine it, because being a tranquil sounds like being in an award-winning indie platformer!

Merrill and Bethany take a moment to fake sympathy rather than overwhelming relief that it was Karl and not them who got captured.


Yeah, there's really no way Bethany could know, not actually being a tranquil, but whatever.

And Karl gazes into Anders' incredibly jagged eyebrows clipping through his cornea one last time before Anders shanks him in the gut.

So we ditch the Chantry fast before someone finds us standing around a huge pile of eviscerated corpses and manages to put two and two together.
Back in ye olde darktowne, Valerie figures that Anders owes her an explanation.

Actually, you were because a spirit of justice is totally different than a demon! Jesus Christ Valerie, are you even listening or just desperately trying to burn everyone you talk to at every opportunity?

Yeah, let's think back on all the great things that happen when a child stays with his mother instead of going to the circle like that time the Arl of Redcliffe's son got possessed by a desire demon, murdered the entire castle staff and laid siege to the village of Redcliffe with an army of zombies. Good times. Good times.

It certainly was "righteous" how "hard" Justice got once he was "inside you".

lol these fucken eyebrows man.

This is actually one of the tamer flirtations, they will get progressively more aggressive and awkward as the game goes on.

Yeah, you might be able to work out your brow situation.

That could be because you just might be into dudes, just throwing that out there.

Finally I can have a party of nothing but mages casting fireball over and over ad infinitum!

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