Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bioware Takes Action

So as you may know, the videos made by youtube user lljkceski were prominently featured throughout this LP as well as the original SA thread. However, those of you reviewing the SA thread may notice something amiss now.

To wit:
For an explanation, let's turn to Ceski himself:


1) 'tube got removed because ea claims copyright violations on a fair use video containing 3 second clips from gametrailers and screenshots of dlc promotion on facebook

2) google made me take a copyright test before being able to login and my account is now flagged for being a naughty boy

3) i filed a counterclaim citing fair use

4) ea has a week to reply with either a retraction or a court issued restraining order

now i wait to get sued or something i dunno i dont care. all my enemies come out for a huge party etc

Note that this only happened after the profile of Ceski's channel was raised immensely when Kotaku recently linked to his "Ace of Bioware" video following the Hepler/reddit incident. That's right everyone, EA/Bioware literally had a video removed from Youtube and might take legal action against the editor of said video for making fun of them.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like fair use, EA has no case (which won't stop them from trying.)

    Funny how EA doesn't complain when 3 second clips are used when people gush about the game.