Thursday, February 23, 2012

STOP! Templar Time

Thank fuck, let's get this shit over with.

Little does Orsino know, we turned the difficulty down to "easy" 2 acts ago!

"Yeah, us mages with our command of the very elements themselves aren't too impressive when compared to a blackout drunk jumping around with 2 knives."

Mage pride, world wide.

Let the game end. Please, let the game end.

"Okay guys, run through your default AI scripts while I carry the entire party as fucking usual."

When the power drops, go in and go in and go in and go in like the US Marshals.

The GEP gun takedown is always the most silent way to eliminate Manderley.

Please give me a weapon like the infinite power of nanoaugmentation.

What Valerie doesn't realize is that the promise of alcohol really isn't as much of a motivating factor for the rest of the part as it is for her. Also, I didn't cut anything and this is the entire "motivational" speech valerie gave before embarking on the final confrontation.

Mercifully, Orsino stepped in and cut that little pep talk short.

Oh yeah, we fought a trash mob too. Unlike the mages, we won.

I'd like to go back in time and drown everyone involved with this game at birth.

Yeah! Let's take the fight to that bitch!

wait. what.


  1. In the picture right after the pep talk, the one with the marching templars where all you can see is their swords: is there some kind of enormous dancing robot in the background?

    I would like to think that dance-bot just kept busting moves with 99.8% precision during the "climactic final battle."

    1. Dancing robot, huh? Careful what you wish for, what if the Gaider heard you?

  2. Oh I can't wait for the next update it. I want it to be the only time Shadow Issac breaks narrative to flat out explain the utter bullshit of the Endgame. Seriously if you still for some retarded reason, thought that this Templar vs. Mage shit was- I can not say more without spoilers