Saturday, February 4, 2012

Who Needs Game Design?

Alright, after checking her personal correspondences, Valerie also finds a job offer in her mail pile.
Hey man, who are you to get in the way of a young woman's sexual awakening?

Ugh, whatever, let's head to the Wounded Coast.
But before Merrill can do more sightseeing, we're rudely interrupted.

Hm, yeah... sorry, not ringing any bells. All the trash mobs kind of blend together after the first 30 hours.

Well Backwards Steve, if you're intent on suicide by Hawke far be it from Valerie to stop you.

*sigh* they never learn.

Dude, weren't you the one waxing nostalgic about how awesome it was to live with the swamp people when you escaped Danarius the first time?

Also if it wasn't full of bandits and zombies.

So after a while we stumble across a woman surrounded by dead bodies.
Let's see what happened. Hopefully she didn't fuck and suck all comers to death, because we're never gonna get paid if she's not still a virgin. Then again, we can always just tell her to stick a quail egg full of blood up there or something.

Whoa, little bit too much information about your relationship with your dad there!

Oh fuck. Even fucking your dad would be better than having to deal with anymore of this bullshit.

Yeah, let's get on a ship to Tevinter right now!


It wouldn't be a quest without a trash mob!

Whatever, I don't give a fuck.

This isn't worth this. No money is worth this.


  1. You should have killed the whiny little fuck when you had the chance. You've no one to blame but yourself.

  2. I liked this quest better when it was bugged and un-doable.

    1. it still was bugged because i never patched to 1.03 so she never left the wounded coast and i never got paid.

  3. I'm still not sure what's worse, the snakebrows or no eyebrows at all.

  4. What a great birthday present this was.