Monday, February 20, 2012

You Got Mage In My Templar! You Got Templar In My Mage! Epilogue

No shit she was alive, you spent the entirety of act 2 standing next to each other.

Oh my god you are so dumb.

See guys, blood magic is good, as proved by this one Uncle Tom mage that managed to use it without slaughtering a bunch of innocent civilians.

Okay, first off you weren't even kidnapped in Kirkwall because the Grey Wardens aren't based out of there, and second we have spent literally the entire game mowing down templars without any reprisal whatsoever.

Oh my god what is going on here.

No, I'm here to join them, that's why they're all dead and I'm covered in their blood you dipshit.

Such is the fate of all bloodmages.

Grace really didn't look that much older than him to start with.

Everyone else here is a corpse.

Yeah, S my D.

Being completely ineffectual, which is the kind of templar Valerie needs in place.

Oh Cullen, so noble~

Truly, this is the face of a man driven by religious piety and a desire to do right and not his crippling addiction.

See what I mean?

Bioware. Bioware never changes.

So do I, because it prolonged my gameplay experience.

That's far too subtle a stratagem for this game.

Especially not in the room literally right across the hall from Meredith's office.

Yeah, no shit, everyone's been telling me this all act.

Thanks Anders, your support really means a lot because you're such an impartial judge here.

Actually it's literally useless because nobody else can wear armor and I'm not a fucking mage.

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  1. Hey, at least the "Cumberland Circle Robes" can be sold for money. Orsino's friendship, meanwhile, is far more useless than an asshole on one's elbow. ESPECIALLY considering how this whole thing is going to end.